Towing Rates

If you are searching for emergency towing services, our company offers the best tow truck rates. We understand and know the frustrations and headaches that come with searching for a tow truck company for hours after your vehicle breaks down or has been in an accident. All of Our tow trucks are available 24 hours and, we are functional in 5 strategic points within the Nashville, TN, area. You can rest assured that your vehicle will be towed within the shortest time possible.

How Much Is Our Vehicle Towing Service Rates In Nashville, TN?
Davidson county Towing Service Rates Or near you take into account several variables that can typically be determined over the phone before service begins. Call our 24-hr towing service & Roadside Assistance dispatch center at 615-756-5330 and we will answer your questions, like: What is the price for a tow truck near me? How much does towing cost per mile? How much is a 5-mile tow? To determine the answers, we’ll ask things like:

  • Whats the year make and model of the vehicle? Is it 4 Wheel drive

  • How many passengers will need a ride to the destination?

  • Is your vehicle all wheel drive? If yes please let us know ahead of time.

  • Was your vehicle in an accident?

  • Is your Vehicle needing to be Winched out? If yes how far off of solid ground are you?

  • Is your towing situation an emergency?

  • Where do you want us to tow your vehicle?

  • Where is your vehicle now?

  • Are the keys with the vehicle?

  • Does the vehicle run and have four operable wheels?

  • Is your vehicle off road?

  • Is your vehicle specialty, for instance, over sized, carbon-fiber undercarriage or antique?

  • Does your vehicle require any type of extraction Or Winching from The mud, sand or water before it can be towed?

All of these factors can impact the cost of your tow, so it is essential we fully understand what your situation is to provide an accurate towing quote. Call 615-756-5330 to request expert and trusted local Towing Service.

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